Why Will You
Love Our Dundas
Dental Office?

Here are 5 reasons…

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We know that you probably don’t like going to the dentist. We get it. There are a lot of reasons why people do NOT love their dentist.

That’s why we are committed to making sure you actually look forward to coming to our office!

Easy, comfortable, affordable…that’s our goal.

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5 Ways We’ll Make You Smile:


No Judgment,
No Lectures,
No Hassles

We’ve seen it all. And we know that everyone has their own reasons for not seeing the dentist when they should. So, we will never shame you. We will never confuse you with complicated explanations. We promise to gently and empathetically guide you the best solutions for YOU. And we will support the decision that YOU make.

Personalized Care

No cookie-cutter, rushed in and rushed out, “dental factory” here.


You are unique. Your smile is unique. Your priorities and goals are unique. We promise to listen to and respect your uniqueness.


Today’s dentistry can do amazing things! We’ve seen a LOT of teeth. But we also recognize that it’s not our job to tell you what you should do. Our job is to help you discover new possibilities and then guide you to decisions that will keep you smiling today… and many years down the road.

Only the Best

We live by the Dentistry Golden Rule: Do unto other’s smiles as you would do unto your own. You’ll get the same materials and techniques that we use for our own families. No cutting corners. No shortcuts.



Money is always a priority. Your new smile must fit into your budget. Unlike most dental offices, we work hard to find you the payment options that fit your needs, goals and bank account.

No-Charge Consultations

You can get straight answers and find out your options by clicking here to book your no obligation, complimentary consultation.

Flexible Payments

You will choose the payment the payment plan that’s best for your family. Pay-in-full discount? No problem. Monthly payments? No problem. Interest-free payments? No problem.

“Surprise-Free” Treatment Plans

When you see your bill, there will be no surprises. From the start, we will let you know what to expect. No fine print. No extra fees. No “sticker shock” ever.



Your appointments will be as quick and easy as possible. We know you’re busy. We know how hard it is to shoehorn one more thing into the family calendar. We have FIVE kids, so we know! We’ll get you back to your life as soon as we can.

No Waiting

Our motto: Get in, get help, and get on with your life. You will not waste time reading old magazines in our lobby.

Relaxing Visits

Your visits are more pleasant than ever. Comfy chairs. Netflix. And the friendliest, cheeriest staff you’ll ever meet.

Virtual Consults

You can get help virtually via text, phone, or Zoom. Perfect for when you’ve got a quick question, or if you’d rather just stay in the comfort of your own home. Click here to schedule your complimentary Virtual Consult.



Can a trip to the dentist be fun? Yes! It is with our team. We are committed to making sure you LOVE the adventure on the road to your new smile.


Our team of Smile Professionals love what they do. We promise you’ll be served by energetic, positive, helpful staff every time you visit us.

Comfy Atmosphere

No more sterile, musty, stuffy dental offices! We pay attention to the little details to make you feel at home…safe, warm and relaxed. It’s so comfy, you may want to stay and watch Netflix!

Contests and Prizes

What? Never heard of a dental office who gave away prizes? We give them away every month. And you get VIP entry into all of them!



Most patients have bad memories of past experiences at the dentist when they were younger. For a lot of people, just the sounds and smells of the dental office can trigger an automatic stress response.

Thankfully, those days are in the past. Today’s dentistry can be more comfortable, more convenient, and more pleasant than in the past. We’d love to show you how!

No More Impressions

Remember biting into the gooey putty and gagging on the impression paste? You can skip all that with 3D scans that create a virtual digital model of your smile.

3D Smile Design

How would you like to see into the future at what your new smile will look like? You can even make changes and approve them BEFORE we start working.

Virtual Check-ins

Stay in touch with your dentist by text, phone, or Zoom. Whenever and wherever you need us, we’re just a few clicks or taps away.

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