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Baby Teeth: Importance to Child’s Well-Being


The reason we invest time and money in caring for baby teeth is that they are essential to a child’s overall growth and development.


One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear all the time is that they do not need dental care since they’re just going to fall out anyway. 


But the truth is that they serve many important purposes for your child. Baby teeth or primary teeth are essential as your child learns to chew solid food and pronounce their first words. They are meant to last as long as possible until the jaw is ready to shed them. Only then will adult teeth or permanent teeth start coming up.


When thinking of baby teeth, think of them as placeholders. Giving proper care and attention to them is important for a smooth transition to properly spaced and healthy permanent teeth.


For Proper Nutrition

Baby teeth help with proper chewing, which is necessary for proper nutrition. They allow your little one to safely chew solid foods until the time comes for permanent teeth to emerge.  The adult teeth then will take up the spaces that the baby teeth have reserved for them.


Baby teeth may get knocked out or pulled too early due to cavities, even before the adult teeth are ready to “erupt.” If they are not properly cared for, this could have an impact on your baby’s nutritional needs and dental health. In this case, your family dentist would advise inserting a space maintainer. It holds the room and guides the permanent tooth to find its correct place.


Developed Speech Capability 

Baby teeth also contribute to the development of healthy speech in children. Did you know they work with the mouth and lips to assist your child in pronouncing their first words?


It basically goes like this: those little teeth serve as a sort of gatekeeper. They control the flow of air going in and out of your child’s mouth. As your child grows, they will need perfectly healthy permanent teeth to produce more difficult sounds and articulate their needs.


For Beautiful Smile, Self-Confidence, and Social Skills

Baby teeth also determine the looks of the teeth and lower face later on. In other words, they keep your child’s facial symmetry as they go through important growth and development stages. This is another reason why caring for them is a long-term investment.


A healthy set of primary teeth also helps with the proper development of the jaws and arches. It also aids in the maintenance of spaces in the gums so that adult teeth do not wind up in the wrong places, causing crowded or crooked teeth. In the long run, healthy baby teeth will help your child avoid getting underbites or overbites, as well as various dental issues.


Putting in the time and effort to properly care for your child’s baby teeth will pay dividends for many years to come. Your child will not suffer from the pain and discomfort of infected teeth. Your little angel will be able to sleep soundly, eat well, and interact with their little friends on the playground or at school with a beautiful and confident smile.


Healthy baby teeth are essential for developing a strong mind and body in early childhood. When your child reaches adulthood, they will be grateful for having healthy adult teeth that allow them to express themselves with confidence, successfully bond in relationships, and accomplish more of the goals they set for themselves.


We Care About Baby Teeth in Dundas

These are all critical points to consider if you’re on the fence about taking your child to a family dentist. For optimal health, your child needs to have their teeth looked at earlier rather than later so that baby teeth can be preserved and remain healthy as long as possible.


Discover our child-friendly dental care options for your little one. Come visit Smiling Dental at our locations in Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, and Stoney Creek,

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