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Three Reasons Why People Have Dental Anxiety

We have all dreaded sitting in the dentist’s chair at some point in our lives. Maybe, even as an adult, you are still hesitant and afraid to visit the dentist for an important dental check-up.  


You’re not alone in your struggle with this issue. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 40% of Canadians put off going to the dentist until later because of intense fear. 


We recognize this generalized fear of the dentist as dental fear or dental anxiety. However, some people experience extreme anxiety related to dental visits. They refer to it as dentist phobia, dentophobia, or odontophobia


That said, it is not necessarily an “exaggerated” or “unfounded” fear, despite what others might tell you otherwise.


We believe many people have dental anxiety not because they fear physical pain. Dentistry is pretty painless now because most practices use modern technology and techniques for dental treatments


Even the unpleasant whirring and constant poking and scraping can be almost completely ignored. This can be possible if the dentist approaches the dental treatment in the right way.


Unfortunately, dental anxiety comes from a bad experience with a dentist in the past. The dentist’s attitude and perceived lack of personal care may have contributed to their negative feelings about the experience.


Unfriendly Experience

We believe there is one main reason why so many people have dental fear. They have fear of being judged, shamed, and pressured to do things they don’t necessarily want to do. 


It doesn’t help matters much when your dentist talks to you in an intimidating voice and threatening body language. You don’t want an unpleasant lecture about the importance of oral health either. Instead of making you feel guilty for your dental phobia, your dentist should motivate you and lift your spirits. 


A great dentist is someone you can confide in. You can trust them to help you find the best ways to care for unique dental needs and priorities. An important part of providing dental treatment is ensuring that you are relaxed and reassured at all times. You are also able to take a break when you need it.


Feeling Helpless

People with dental fear or dental anxiety feel like they are completely giving up control and personal space. You will understandably experience fear and panic if a procedure begins in an environment that doesn’t feel right. 


To help you overcome dental anxiety, your dentist should be great at giving guidance every step of the way. They must be able to give you the kind of emotional support that you need. Additionally, the dentist can help you redirect your attention to small talks and a relaxing ambiance.


Finally, you should be encouraged to communicate. You must be able to receive care for your unique dental needs and priorities at your own pace. This way, you will feel more in control and calm during your stay at the dental clinic.


Sounding Like a Salesperson Rather Than a Friend

Dental visits should not sound like a sales pitch. It should not be an opportunity to talk about things you do not want, understand, or can’t afford. This is why you should look for a dentist who is an excellent listener too. You need a dentist who can engage you in open and honest discussions about dental problems and solutions. 


In general, you have the right to seek out a dentist who can help you overcome your dental anxiety. You should not feel lectured, humiliated, or judged in any way. Instead, you should be looking forward to your next visit to the dental clinic


Remember, you come to them to receive the best value, personalized care, convenience, and enjoyment possible. You’re also there to receive treatment with the most advanced technology available in modern dentistry. 


In Ancaster, Our Dentists Are Here to Listen

Here at Smiling Dental, our focus is to help you reach your personal goals. Together, we will give you the smile that will make you happy for many years to come. Our dentists will be happy to listen to your specific dental needs and priorities. Come and visit us at our dental offices in Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, and Stoney Creek

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