Our 5-Step Smile System for Making Sure You Get The Smile You Want

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Natural Looking Smiles that Blend In, Not Stand Out

Our patients are NOT Hollywood celebrities. They are not aspiring models or actors preparing for their magazine cover shoot. They don't want fake looking teeth.

The patients we help with their cosmetic dentistry and dental implants are regular people, with regular jobs. While many of them travel to come see us, most of them live in the Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek areas.

Our patients have these 3 things in common:
  • They want to eat and smile with confidence again.

  • They want their smiles to look and feel natural.

  • They want things done right, the first time.

That's why we've created our unique "Dual Blueprint Process" to make sure your smile looks and feels exactly the way you want.

  • No fake Hollywood smiles

  • No lisps or speech problems

  • No surprises at the final result

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How Does our 5-Step
Smile System Work?

Designing your new smile is a lot like designing a new house. Getting the planning stages right are crucial to making sure you end up with the result you hoped for, on time and on budget.

We start with a lot of questions so that we can begin to understand:

What you've been through in the past
What you like about your current situation, and what frustrates you about it
What you want your new smile to look and feel like

Our Dual Blueprint Process is our unique method of ensuring a natural, life-like, comfortable smile that blends in rather than stands out.

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  • Jun 12, 2021

    your goals

    The first step is for our doctors to understand what kind of help you are looking for, and what you want your teeth to look and feel like when we're finished. Some people want their smile to look the way it did when they were 30. Others want to be able to eat steak again without having to cut it into tiny pieces. And others want the cheapest, fastest solution that will get rid of their discomfort.

    We've helped thousands of patients, but even still we don't make assumptions. Our promise to you: No judgment, no lectures, and no hassles. Our role is to figure out what you want, and then make it as easy as possible for you to get from here to there.

  • Jun 12, 2021

    your budget

    This type of dentistry can be expensive. If you've got a couple missing teeth, or a handful of medium size problems, you can expect to spend $5-9k. If you've got major problems all over your mouth, or if you're expecting major changes inthe way your smile looks and feels,you should budget $1Ok at the low end. Some patients even spend up to $60k for a major smile reconstruction project.

    It's important for us to understand your budget,so we can help you prioritize, spend your money wisely, and figure out a plan that works for you.
    If it helps, we also offer a number of flexible payment options, including monthly payment plans.

  • Jun 12, 2021

    realistic solutions

    Once we know what you're looking for, what you've tried in the past that didn't work,what you want the end result to look and feel like, and what kind of budget you are work ing with,we can come up with some realistic solutions that will make you happy.

    We will make a recommendation about which solution we think will make you happiest,with the lowest chance of long term regret. But ultimately the decision is yours, and we are here to support you and make it happen.

  • Jun 12, 2021

    Digital Smile Design
    and Smile Test Drive

    You don't want any surprises when it comes to your new smile, and neither do we!

    Digital Smile Design means that before we start working,we create a computer simulated before and after photo series. It's like looking into the future at your new smile!

    Smile Test Drive means that we can take that simulated photo and, using 30 printers,create a tooth coloured acrylic shell that slips over top of your own teeth, so you can actually see and feel your new smile in your own mouth.

    At each step,you will give your feedback about what you love, and what needs to be tweaked.

  • Jun 12, 2021

    Your Care
    and After-Care

    If you're like most of the patients we meet, you've had some bad experienc es in the past and visiting the dentist makes you anxious, so the fewer trips to the dentist the better! Almost always, all of your dental care can be completed right here in either our Ancaster or Dundas practices, and often times in just one visit.And many of our patients choose sedation to make their visits more pleasant.

    Our team is here to show you that dentistry doesn't have to be something you avoid! Our most rewarding appointments are when our patients tell us they can't believe they're already finished and how easy it was.

    And your care doesn't stop when your treatment is complete. We want you to be happy with us when you're finished, but also for many years to come. So we will work with you to maintain your new teeth and smile so they last as long as possible.

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Zero Risk Complimentary Dental Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

What's Included:

  • Consultation or Second Opinion for Implant or Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam

  • Any necessary Oral Exam

  • 3D Bone Scan (CBCT)

  • 3D Surface Scan of your teeth

  • Discussion of realistic solutions including a comparison of time and cost

  • Still unsure? All x-rays, records, CBCT, and scans are yours to keep

Out Smile System
Might NOT be
Right for you if...

  • You are an aspiring model or actor and want a bleach white, Hollywood smile. (There are some excellent dentists in Oakville who specialize in this that we'd be happy to refer you to.)

  • You need a new smile by next week.

  • You want the absolute cheapest option.

Our Smile System is
PERFECT for you if...

  • You want to eat and smile with confidence again.

  • You want your smile to look and feel natural.

  • You want things done right, the first time.

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dentist dundas ontario

Not Ready to Come In Yet?

Get answers you need without leaving home

If you can take 60 seconds to answer some questions about your smile, one of our dentists will personally review your case and then send you a customized video explaining your options within 48 hours.

No judgment, no obligation, and no hassles.

Just straight answers!

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