Could THIS Be the Reason Your Kid Has Trouble Focusing, Gets Irritable, or Has Behaviour Issues at School?

If so, poor sleeps might be to blame

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Important Health Update:

Over 1 Million Kids Suffer from This Sleep Disorder and Most Parents Don’t Know about It

Everyone needs great sleep to be their best, but kids need it even more than we adults do! If your child isn’t getting enough rest, they can’t be at their best.

Sleep Disordered Breathing holds back 11% of all kids.

And 98% of the time, their condition goes undetected…
or worse yet, treated with surgery or pills they DON’T need!


Does Your Child Have These Symptoms?

  • Snoring, grinding their teeth or breathing
    through their mouth

  • Sleep troubles like nightmares and wetting
    the bed?

  • Temper tantrums, depression, unexplained

  • Difficulty focusing at school?

  • Trouble socializing with other kids?

Could the Trouble Be a Collapsed Airway?
If your child does not get enough oxygen during sleep, it can cause any or all of the above problems.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Then your child might be at risk of Sleep Disordered Breathing. Get your complimentary sleep consultation and know for sure!


dundas dental and hygiene clinic

Smile Guide Helps Your Child Get the Oxygen They Need!

The Smile Guide is a soft, flexible, rubber appliance that holds your child’s airway open comfortably and naturally, so their developing brains and growing bodies get what they need. And when you children are happy and healthy, the whole family feels better!

No surgery, no medication, no braces.

Stop wondering what’s wrong and find out for sure.

Your child’s sleep, grades, friendships, and attitude could improve almost immediately!


Hi! I’m Dr. Meagan Bennett

I am a family dentist right here in Dundas. That means I have to know all about the dental and mouth problems kids can suffer from. And I have an added incentive to keep up to date on child dentistry: I have 5 kids of my own!

So, I know how the whole family suffers when one of the kids doesn’t sleep well. It adds stress to your day, it makes you worry about their health, their future. Ugh! It’s so important to family bliss for everyone to get good sleep.

But sometimes kids get misdiagnosed when they exhibit the behaviours above. Sometimes it’s misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. Or as allergies. Or as emotional problems. Or as mental problems.

But it’s very possible that your child does not need medication, therapy, or surgery. They may just need more oxygen. They may just need better sleep. And the Smiled Guide solution has NO side effects!

My goal is for every child in all of Hamilton to get screened for Sleep Disordered Breathing, and that every parent will be aware of the dangers. And, more importantly, the dangers of misdiagnoses.
dundas dental and hygiene clinic

You are probably aware of how dangerous sleep apnea is for adults. It can make almost every other condition worse! It is a silent, sleeping killer. It can cause permanent and even fatal damage. And it’s no different for kids. Not getting enough oxygen during sleep is a serious medical issue.

Don’t wait. If your child wets the bed, snores, has nightmares, grinds their teeth, or has trouble focusing at school…

Take My Online Sleep Quiz

In just 60 seconds, you can know what your child’s Sleep Disorder Risk Level. It’s absolutely free.

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Smile Guide in
the Real World

500+ Patents

50+ Years of Scientific Research

3.5 Million Children Helped

What’s Your Next Step?


If your child has Sleep Disordered Breathing, Dr. Meg will give your child a comfy, soft, safe Smile Guide appliance that will help your child get the oxygen they need! And also help their teeth develop properly! It’s a double win.


Enjoy your life more with a rested, focused, happy child!

How Do Your Teeth Effect Your Sleep?

Misaligned teeth can make your child’s tongue set in the wrong position, it can fall backward and block their airway. This makes them wake up during the night. Sometimes MANY times This can give them nightmares, make them wet the bed, and wake up tired and irritable.

And deprive them of the brain-fueling oxygen they need to be the best little kids they can be.


dundas dental and hygiene clinic
dundas dental and hygiene clinic

But There IS a Solution

Dr. Meagan Bennett can give your child a comfy, easy to remove “Smile Guide” that gently nudges your child’s teeth in the right direction and keeps their airway clear. Letting them rest more deeply, and wake up more energized to take on their day

And the best part:

  • No braces
  • No surgery
  • No medication

And Dr. Meagan Bennett is one of only a handful of dentists in Ontario certified to provide Smile Guide treatment for your child.

But don’t wait! The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner your child will benefit!

Find out your child’s Sleep Disorder Risk Level today

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