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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Full mouth dental implants have a higher price than standard dentures. However, their longevity and dental health benefits make them an incredibly valuable investment worth the price and wait. With All-On-4, your dental implant cost can vary depending on several factors:

  • Cost of titanium teeth implants
  • Cost of abutment
  • Cost of denture or dental bridge prosthesis
  • Whether bone grafting is required
  • Cost of teeth extraction, if applicable

Unfortunately, while other teeth replacement options are often covered by dental insurance, implants of any kind usually aren’t. Some full coverage plans include them, but many of these only provide for part of the prosthesis’ cost, not the titanium implants or abutments. Our dental office wants to ensure our patients always have access to affordable dental care, whether it’s implants, cosmetic dentistry, or general dentistry work. We offer multiple in-office financing and payment options to make sure your visits are as easy and stress-free as possible.

To learn more about what dental implants and All-On-4 costs, request our free Dental Implant Pricing Guide by clicking here.

Are you excited to get your old, beautiful smile back with All-On-4 dental implants? The Smiling Dental team is here for you. To schedule a consultation with our skilled dentists, you can reach our Ancaster practice at 289-768-9905. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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