Yes! Your Kids Should Love Their Dental Visits

It’s so much easier to keep your kids happy and healthy when they enjoy going to
see their dentist.

good dentists in dundas
good dentists in dundas

Your Kids will LOVE their Dental Visits and Grow Up with Healthy and Happy Smiles that will Last a Lifetime

Adults who come through our doors are often so afraid of dentists that they
ignore their smile problems…until it’s almost too late.

That means their visit is more chaotic more expensive and more expensive stressful than it needs to be.

Most adult patients remember having a bad experience at the dentist’s office
when they were a child. They tell us that this is where their dentist anxiety began.
We believe that if you child’s first dentist is one that they love, they will look
forward to their dental visits and avoid the pain, frustration, embarrassment, and
greater expense that comes with avoiding the dentist when they are adults.

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You’ll Smile Too, When Your Kids LOVE their Dental Visits!

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Fewer Hassles

No more “bribing” your kids to get them to their next appointment.

dentistry on dundas whitby

Less Stress

Instead of screaming and crying, they’ll laugh and smile for pictures at their visit.

good dentists in dundas

Save Money

It is always safer, less expensive, quicker, and easier when a dental problem is treated EARLY.

Meet your Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton, Stoney Creek Children’s Dentist, Dr. Meagan Bennett

As a mother of 5 children under 11 years old, Dr. Meg is especially great with kids. She’s an expert at quickly building trust and connecting with younger kids. They always have a super easy, enjoyable, and FUN visit!

Dr. Meg says that the secret to making kids feel relaxed at their dental visits is

She works hard to get on their level, tell stories, and make your child feel safe. Dr. Meg’s superpower is that she can make anyone laugh!

Our youngest patients love to watch their favorite movies on Netflix while their
teeth get a bubble bath. Their pretty smiles get HUGE when they earn special gold coins they can swap for a treat from our toy machine!

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3 Easy Steps to Get Started


Call us at 289-378-5334 or click here to schedule your child’s visit.


You and your child will meet Dr. Meg, she’ll find out what’s important to you, and most importantly, help your child feel comfortable and welcome.


We guarantee your child will LOVE Dental Visits again!

dentistry on dundas whitby

Practical, compassionate, affordable Dental visits for your children? That’s our pledge to you!

Parent to parent:

I’m sure you can multi-task. But do you need one more thing to deal with? Isn’t
your plate full enough without having to add your family’s dental health too?

The smiles of your family should bring you joy, not stress!

I’m a dentist second, but I’m a mom first…

So, when I was thinking about the kind of practice I’d like to run, I thought…

What do Dundas parents (like you and me) want for their families?

And this is what
I came up with:

You want your dentist to make your life easier…not harder.

You want your dentist to be affordable.

You want your child to love visiting the dentist.

But those are all just words and any dentist can SAY they’re kind, compassionate, and affordable.

I guarantee it.

That’s our mission statement. It is my professional promise to all Dundas moms and dads who trust us with their family’s precious smiles…

My Super Mom Family Smile Pledge

My promises to you:


I promise that you won’t feel like you need to worry about your family’s dental care. The last thing you need is one more thing to organize and stress out over! You’ve got enough on your plate as it is. Leave this one to us!


I promise to walk you through your options in easy-to-understand terms, so you can feel positive about your decisions, with no judgment or pressure.


I promise that your children will have fun and enjoy, their dental care visits. Not another tantrum. Not one more stressful visit.


3 Things You Should
Know About Dr. Meg


I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a dentist.

I could not have picked a career that fits my life better. I love working with children, so I love going to work every day!


I grew up in Newfoundland in a large family.

Since I was a kid, I knew I wanted a large family as well.
My husband and I have 5 children under 11 years old:
Avery, Brooke, Brady, Parker, and Meadow. That’ll probably be it… But we’ll see!


Someday I would love to do stand up comedy!

Listening to stories and jokes is something I really enjoy, so sometimes I catch myself trying out my material on patients! The kids usually laugh more than the parents!

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Is Your Child Nervous About Their First Dental Visit?

dentist on dundas toronto

Get your free copy of Dr. Meg’s children’s book

Dr. Meg knows exactly what it takes to keep young patients smiling, because not
only is she a mother of 5, and has treated thousands of patients, but she wrote
the book on it! It’s for kids (and parents) feeling nervous about their dental

Contact us to get your free copy!

dentist on dundas toronto
dentist dundas

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