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Dr. Meagan Bennett, Dr. Michael Ling,
Dr. Sorana Schneider, and Dr. Jacob Mattina

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Smile Problems Are Bad for Your Family

Because smile problems don’t get better with time. The longer you wait, the more expensive, complicated, stressful and time-consuming they are to fix! Meaning more money out of your family’s savings. And more time spent in the dentist chair and less time spent with your loved ones!


Also, smiling is the way we communicate happiness and love. If someone in your family is having smile problems, there will be fewer happy faces…and no family wants that.


Our No Judgment, No Shame Guarantee


If you’ve put off fixing your smile problem, there’s something you need to know: Almost everyone does! We see people every day who have delayed fixing their teeth. We promise you will not shock, surprise or phase us one single bit! In fact, we make a no-shame guarantee! See details below.


Plus, you’ll never feel pressured or confused. We’ll keep the options simple and easy-to-understand. We guarantee it!


Together, We Can Break the “Bad Dentistry Cycle”

Every day, folks tell us “Doctor, I had such a terrible experience with my dentist that last time I tried to fix my smile, that I gave up.” And then, of course, their smile got WORSE and more painful and sucked MORE joy out of their life. Smile problem leads to bad dental experience which leads to even worse smile problem. Our dental clinic in Dundas, ON is ready to make your smile flawless again!

Let’s Stop the Madness! Here’s How…


Your Choice Guarantee

You will decide which smile repair option is best for you. And then we help you achieve it fast, simple and guilt-free. Why? Because only YOU know what’s best for you…not your dentist.


One Dentist Guarantee

We are a family business. We are not owned by “Big Dental”, the corporate dentistry practices that shuffle you from dentist to dentist, so you never get to know and trust any of them. With us, you will see the same dentist you trust every time!


No Shame Guarantee

We’ve seen it all. No matter how bad your smile problem is…or how long you’ve waited to get it fixed…you won’t shock us. And we won’t shame you! Our mission is to make your dental experience as supportive, enjoyable and easy as possible.

Meet Your Top-Rated
Dundas Dentists

Doctors Meg and Michael are a happily married couple with five beautiful kiddos. So, they understand the challenges moms and dads face when it comes to keeping everybody smiling.
Dr Michael handles the hard-to-fix cases that other dentists either don’t want or can’t tackle! While Dr. Meg is a family dentist extraordinaire, beloved for her Newfie sense of humor and winning chair-side manner. Together they make a great team for all your family’s smile needs.

dentist dundas
Dr. Meagan Bennett, Dr. Michael Ling,
and their children Avery, Brooke,
Brady, Parker, Meadow, and Bodie

Your Family’s Smiles
are in Good Hands

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We aim to do things right the FIRST time. Your smile is one of the most important things about you. We don’t want you to have to fix the same problem over and over. Let’s get it right TODAY.

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We know that you want the best smile for the best price. And to make sure your new smile will fit in your budget. Ask us about our flexible payment options including interest-free monthly plans.

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Not only will your visit be enjoyable, but it will also be as quick and efficient as possible, so you and your family can get back to your busy lives

dundas dental clinic

Dentistry doesn’t have to be slow, painful and expensive. Dentistry has come a long way. Your visits should be as fast, comfortable and affordable as possible.

dundas dental and hygiene clinic

Yes, dentistry can be fun for the whole family! We guarantee it! If your experience with us isn’t the most pleasant visit you’ve ever had, we’ll find you a new dentist and buy you dinner!

How to
Get Started

Find Out Today if Smiling Dental
is Right for Your Family…

Contact us to ask a question, book your complimentary consult, or request a virtual consult from the comfort of your own home.

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How to Get Your Smile
and Your Bite Back

Get ready to eat, smile… and smile when you eat again.
Broken teeth? Worn down teeth? Missing teeth?
If you’re ready, we can help.

Is No-Braces Invisalign
Right for Your Smile?

Millions of people around the world have
fixed their smile without braces using Invisalign.
Can it fix yours too?

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dundas dental toronto

Is Poor Sleep Holding
Your Child Back?

More than 10% of Canadian kids suffer from this
debilitating sleep condition…and your dentist can fix it!
Does your child have it?

Smiling Dental

Most of the people we see tell us horror stories about their previous dentist.

It makes us sad and angry when we hear about their bad experiences in the past. Sad because people suffer. And angry because we know that dentistry doesn’t have to be that way. Your visits to the dentist shouldn’t be scary, stressful, and something that you avoid. We proudly offer family and cosmetic dental services across the Dundas and Hamilton area.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We decided to build the kind of dental practice we would want to take our own family to.

We listed out all the things that would be important to us if we were looking for a dentist, and then we built our practice around this list.

So if you have been searching for a dental practice in Dundas that is family-friendly and offers a warm welcoming environment then look no further. At Smiling Dental Dundas we guarantee you will have an amazing experience with one of our highly skilled dentists to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.


If you’re tired of seeing dentists that you don’t trust…
If you’re tired of being shuffled from one new dentist to another each time you visit…
If you’re tired of feeling shamed or judged for not fixing your teeth…
If you’re tired of being pressured into expensive and complicated treatments you don’t want…
If you don’t LOVE seeing your dentist…

It’s time to start.

It doesn’t matter if:

• You are 2 years old… or 82.
• Your smile problems are easy… or a “train wreck”.
• You see your dentist every 3 months… or every 20 years.

At Smiling Dental in Dundas, we’ve got your back!

We offer a variety of dental services such as teeth cleanings, dental hygiene services, emergency dentistry, family dentistry, children’s dentistry, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, wisdom teeth, dental implants, dentures, complete smile makeovers… and more.


It’s time to love seeing your dentist.


The team at our state-of-the-art office is equipped to handle any dental need. Whether you are looking for a check-up and teeth cleaning, or perhaps an emergency visit due to pain in your mouth; we can help! Give us a call today so one of our friendly staff members assist you today.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you accepting new patients?

Yes! We are currently accepting new patients and would love to meet you and your family. Most people...

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Do you direct bill to my insurance?

Yes! We handle all of the paperwork on your behalf. When your treatment is complete, we electronically submit ...

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Do you accept direct payment from my insurance company?

We have something even better!
These days, insurance companies have made it very difficult for dental offices to accept payment ...

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We specialize in finding creative solutions to virtually every dental problem at virtually every budget level. Monthly...

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